Api trailokya-rajyasya

Hetoh kim nu mahi-krte

Nihatya dhartarastran nah

  Ka pritih syaj janardana

 Madhusudan even if they kill me or even if I can get to rule   all the three lokas, do not  want to kill them.  Then where is the    question of my fighting only for this   earthly  kingdom.


Papam evasrayed asman hatvaitan atatayinah

          Tasman narha vayam hantum dhartarastran svabandhavan

           Svajanam hi katham hatva sukhinah syama madhava

Janardhana, how can we be happy killing Dhritrashtra’s sons. We will commit ourselves to sniff we kill them, our own relations.


Yadyapy ete na pasyanti lobhopahata-cetasah

Kula-ksaya-krtam dosam mitra-drohe ca patakam

Therefor, Madhava, we are not destined to kill our own relatives, Dhritrashtra’s sons because how can we live happily after killing our own family members.


Katham na jneyam asmabhih papad asman nivartitum

    Kula-ksaya-krtam dosam prapasyadbhir janardana

    Kula-ksaye pranasyanti kula-dharmah sanatanah

Dharme naste kulam krtsnam adharmo bhibhavaty uta

Even though succumbed by greed and spoiled minded these people don’t see the ill effects of the extinction of family and fighting their own friends, but we who are fully aware of the ominous results of such loss, why should not we think of escaping such sins?


      Adharmabhibhavat krsna pradusyanti kula-striyah

     Strisu dustasu varsneya jayate varna-sankarah

Lose of the family can bring decadence to the unending race which also brings afflictions and sins spread in such a situation.


        Sankaro narakayaiva kula-ghnanam kulasya ca

        Patanti pitaro hy esam lupta-pindodaka-kriyah

 And, Krishna, with the spreading of sins woman of the family get spoilt and breed bastard children.


 Dosair etaih kula-ghnanam varna-sankara-karakaih

    Utsadyante jati-dharmah kula-dharmas ca sasvatah

 And such children lead to decadence and hell.  And the forefathers due to loss of shards and other functions get into miseries and elude salvation.


 Utsanna-kula-dharmanam manusyanam janardana

     Narake niyatam vaso bhavatity anususruma

 Because of these afflictions associated with the growth of bastard children the Sanatan Dharam and the entire race may face annihilation.


 Aho bata mahat-papam kartum vyavasita vayam

        Yad rajya-sukha-lobhena hantum svajanam udyatah

Janardhana, the roces whose inherent religion dies out have to remain in hell as I understand.


 Yadi mam apratikaram asastram sastra-panayah

Dhartarastra rane hanyus tan me ksemataram bhavet 

It’s a pity that even though we are wise enough to understand – these ill effects yet we are ready to carry out the great sins of killing our over near and dear ones due to greed of kingdom and worldly pleasures.


 Sanjaya uvaca

      Evam uktvarjunah sankhye rathopastha upavisat

        Visrjya sa-saram capam soka-samvigna-manasah

 Even if Dhritrashtras son kill me in the battle at this time when I am unarmed, I think such a death will be better for me than committing sins and suffering afflictions.


Sanjay said “Disturbed in mind and Down cast with grief, Arjun having said this relinquished his arms and sat in the rear of the rath.


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