What we learn from Bhagwad Gita Chapter – 3

33Lord Krishna explains to Arjun in this Chapter the importance of performing one’s duty. The description of ‘Stithpragya Purush’ and definition of ‘Sankhya Yoga’ created confusion in Arjun’s mind. He talks to Krishna about his confusion.

Krishna explains that avoiding work or not doing any work is never recommended for any human being. He emphasizes the importance is remaining calm and performing one’s duty. Since the performance of one’s duty may entail difficult situations, these are likely to create disturbances in the mind of a person concerned. With practice, you achieve a state of Stithpragya Purush you are able to keep your calm during turbulent situations.

He further explains it is not necessary that one has to work only for results. Remaining dispassionate and unattached one must necessarily perform one’s duty to justify his/her existence. He gives an example that though he does not have any need yet he continues to work for his creation – that is Society.

Shri Krishna tells Arjun that at this time it is his duty is to fight the battle. He is fighting for a just cause and therefore she should not give up the battle”.

A good human being not only works for himself but works for the welfare of the Society. A part of his earning must be distributed to the society. In the process the work he does will never have any ill-effect of his actions.

Great people leave an example for ordinary human beings to follow. One should never feel that the work done by him is created by him. The ‘Three Gunnas’ or attributes of human nature keep on interacting with the each other. Their constant juxtaposition produces respective actions. Under no circumstances can one remain in state of inaction. If you don’t perform physically, your mental state keeps on creating confusion in the mind. This must be avoided.

Thus we learned the following lessons which are the recommended by the Management Gurus of Modern Times:

1)      That you should never remain inactive in face of difficult situations. This could also mean that fear has no place in life.

2)      Maintaining calm while following a difficult path is important. The challenges of life sometimes may shake you up. But the strong and courageous are never shaken.

It has been repeatedly emphasized that the duty should be performed not only for selfish motive but for the good of society. In our country realizing its importance, the company law board has made it mandatory to give away 2% of Company Profits as a charity. We also have examples of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates who have decided to give away a major portion of their wealth in charity. Our own Azim Premji of Wipro as also pleased part portion of his wealth to charity.

warren buffet Bill Gates Azim Premji

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