Chapter 12

Arjuna uvacha

                   Evam satata-yukta ye bhaktas tvam paryupasate

Ye capy aksaram avyaktam tesam ke yoga-vittamah

 Arjun said, “The devotees who constantly are engaged in worshipping you the all manifested almighty and others who meditate on the formless creator – Among these two binds of devotee which according to you my Lord is the preferred one.


  Sri bhagavan uvacha

Mayy avesya mano ye mam nitya-yukta upasate

                     Sraddhaya parayopetas te me yuktatama matah

The Lord Almighty said, the devotees who concentrate their mind on Me and remain engaged in my worship with utmost devotion on my ever manifested form are considered great among yogis.


 Ye tv aksaram anirdesyam avyaktam paryupasate

Sarvatra-gam achintyam cha kutastham achalam dhruvam


           Sanniyamyendriya-gramam sarvatra sama-buddhayah

            Te prapnuvanti mam eva sarva-bhuta-hite ratah

But those who, controlling all their senses properly meditate on omnipresent, all pervading almighty which is without manifestations, calm, fixed, eternal, who are always interested working for the welfare of the humanity and who remain fully involved – such yogis undoubtedly attain my status.


 Kleso dhikataras tesam avyaktasakta-chetasam

Avyakta hi gattir duhkham dehavadbhir avapyate

 But those who meditate on my formless concept have to work much harder.  Because for the human beings it is extremely difficult to dwell and meditate on the formless concept of the Almighty.


 Ye tu sarvani karmani mayi sannyasya mat-parah

                    Ananyenaiva yogena mam dhyayanta upasate

 But the devotees who dedicate all their deeds to Me and remain engrossed in my worship.  Who with their bhaktiyoga remember and worship my universal manifestation.


 Tesam aham samuddharta mrtyu-samsara-sagarat

                   Bhavami na chirat partha mayy avesita-chetasam

Arjun, I am responsible and I ensure that these devotee who always set their minds on my thoughts are freed from this woredly sea of death ensure that they attain salvation.


 Mayy eva mana adhatsva mayi buddhim nivesaya

                    Nivasisyasi mayy eva ata urdhvam na samsayah

You must engage your mind and your intellect on in ME.  If you do so, in fact, you will devell in Me undoubtedly.


 Atha chittam samadhatum na saknosi mayi sthiram

                  Abhyasa-yogena tato mam icchaptum dhananjaya

If you are not capable enough to fix you mind in Me, then, Arjun long for attaining Me through repeated efforts and Through such yoga.


 Abhyase py asamartho si mat-karma-paramo bhava

Mad-artham api karmani kurvan siddhim avapsyasi

 And in case you are not even capable of such practice yoga, then give up your selfish motives and dedicate all your deeds to Me.  In this manner also, you will be able to attain salvation by merging in Me.


 Athaitad apy asakto si kartum mad-yogam asritah

Sarva-karma-phala-tyagam tatah kuru yatatmavan

 Yet again, if you are not in a position to carryout even that then you must exercise fade control on your mind and intellect and relinquish the fruits of your labour.


 Sreyo hi jnanam abhyasaj jnanad dhyanam visisyate

Dhyanat karma-phala-tyagas tyagach chantir anantaram

 Knowledge is better than the practice without understanding the core, meditation an my manifestations is better than the knowledge and relinquishing the fruits of your deeds is even better than meditation.  Because you attain peace if you relinquish first of labour.


 Advesta sarva-bhutanam maitrah karuna eva cha

             Nirmamo nirahankarah sama-duhkha-sukhah ksami


             Santustah satatam yogi yatatma drdha-nischayah

Mayy-arpita-mano-buddhir yo mad-bhaktah sa me priyah

 The person who is free from selfish motives, free from envy with _______, loves all, pities everyone and is without attachment, without any ego and for whom pleasure and pain is the same and who pardons all and give courage and remove the fear of even the simmers and who is always satisfied and has full control over his mind, senses and is a strong believe in Me – such a devotee of mine is loveable in deed.


               Yasman nodvijate loko lokan nodvijate cha yah

Harsamarsa-bhayodvegair mukto yah sa cha me priyah

 Neither any one gets agitated with him, nor he gets agitated with anyone and who is free from joy and envy and is also free of fear agitation etc. such a devotee is my loved one.


 Anapeksah suchir daksa udasino gata-vyathah

Sarvarambha-parityagi yo mad-bhaktah sa me priyah

 The person who is free from desires, who is pure internally as well as externally, is capable and does not take sides and is also free from all sorrows and relinquishes all the beginning – such a devotee is extremely deav to Me.


 Yo na hrsyati na dvesti na socati na kanksati

Subhasubha-parityagi bhaktiman yah sa me priyah

 Who is never over joyed and is never jealous nor is ever dismayed, does not have any desires, and relinquishes all his deeds good or bad such a devotee is my favourite person.


 Samah satrau cha mitre cha tatha manapamanayoh

                  Sitosna-sukha-duhkhesu samah sanga-vivarjitah

Who is just the same for a friend or a foe who feels same in respect or insult or winter or summer and is totally free from attachments of all kinds.


 Tulya-ninda-stutir mauni santusto yena kenachit

Aniketah sthira-matir bhaktiman me priyo narah

 Who considers criticism or praise equal who is at peace with his and is satisfied with whichever way he can subsist and is not Keen about or attached with his abode.  Such a stable minded man is my favourite.


 Ye tu dharmyamrtam idam yathoktam paryupasate

Sraddadhana mat-parama bhaktas te tiva me priyah

 But the believer who devotedly follows without any selfish matinees and enjoy this nectar of life with love; I am extremely fond of such devotees.


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