Chapter 16

Sri bhagavan uvaca

Abhayam sattva-samsuddhir jnana-yoga-vyavasthitih

    Danam damas ca yajnas ca svadhyayas tapa arjavam

 The Lord Almighty said, “Always free from fear, with complete purity of mind, pursuit of devine  knowledge with impeccable decision, Satvic donations complete control over the senses, worship of Gurujan, gods and the Almighty, following the path of duty, study of holy scriptures and the vedas, simplicity  of the senses, body and the mind, forbearance of difficulties to carry out one’s duties.



       Ahimsa satyam akrodhas tyagah santir apaisunam

Daya bhutesv aloluptvam mardavam hrir acapalam

 Not to hurt anyone with mind, speech or body, use of apt and lovable language, not to be angry even with those who insult, lack of the ego in the deeds that one does, stability of  mind or the lack of waywardness, not to criticise anyone, and not to have any attachment even while being engaged in enjoyment at senses, unselfish kindness towards all beings, delicacy, shying from acting against the holy scriptures or the community and lack of futile efforts.


         Tejah ksama dhrtih saucam adroho natimanita

Bhavanti sampadam daivim abhijatasya bharata

 Latent devine power to impress, forgiveness Patience, lack at enmity  towards anyone, lack of ego of goodness in one’s own self – Arjun all these qualities belong to men who are born of Devi Sampada.


 Dambho darpo bhimanas ca krodhah parusyam eva ca

   Ajnanam cabhijatasya partha sampadam asurim

 Parth, Arrogance, Hypocracy, Anger, malevolence malice and ignorance –  All these are indications of people born of Asuri Sampada.


 Daivi sampad vimoksaya nibandhayasuri mata

Ma sucah sampadam daivim abhijato si pandava

 Devi Sampada is known for freedom and asuri sampada is known for the bondage.  Therefore, Arjun, you must not worry.  You are born of Devi Sampada.


 Dvau bhuta-sargau loke smin daiva asura eva ca

        Daivo vistarasah prokta asuram partha me srnu

 Arjun, in this universe, there are only two kinds of people.  Of Devi sampada nature and that of asuri sampada.  Between these two I have described in detail the virtues of those belonging to Devi Sampada.  Now you must listen to the attenbutes  of people belonging to asuri sampada.


 Pravrttim ca nivrttim ca jana na vidur asurah

          Na saucam napi cacaro na satyam tesu vidyate

 People  of demonish nature do not understand ‘________’ or ‘Nivriti’.  Therefore neither they have outward or inward purity, nor noble action nor do they speak the truth.


Asatyam apratistham te jagad ahur anisvaram

Aparaspara-sambhutam kim anyat kama-haitukam

 These asuri nature people say that this world is without any God always untrue and people are born of the union of male and female or the sex act alone.  There no other higher cause.


 Etam drstim avastabhya nastatmano lap-buddhayah

     Prabhavanty ugra-karmanah ksayaya jagato hitah

 Adopting this false knowledge and belief, who have ruined their true nature and whose intelligence is limited and who want to insult others; Such people engage in their sinful deeds alone and are responsible for the destruction of this moth earth.


 Kamam asritya duspuram dambha-mana-madanvitah

   Mohad grhitvasad-grahan pravartante suci-vratah

 These people, full arrogance, _______, and intoxication adopt desires which are insatiable and follow the faulty principles and wantonly move in this world waywardly.


 Cintam aparimeyam ca pralayantam upasritah

         Kamopabhoga-parama etavad iti niscitah

 And keeping countless worries till the end, and remaining fully absorbed in the worldly pleasures and considering these pleasures alone constitute happiness they only follow the dubious path.


 Asa-pasa-satair baddhah kama-krodha-parayanah

      Ihante kama-bhogartham anyayenartha-sancayan

 The people are overwhelmed with hundreds of futile hopes and endeavor to amass wealth in order to enjoy these pleasures of life through dubious and unjust means.


 Idam adya maya labdham imam prapsye manoratham

   Idam astidam api me bhavisyati punar dhanam

They think today I have achieved one aim and next I shall gain another desire.  I have so much wealth and shall gather much more.


       Asau maya hatah satrur hanisye caparan api

Isvaro ham aham bhogi siddho ham balavan sukhi

 I have finished one of my enemies, I will now finish others.  I am all powerful and worthy of all comforts and pleasures of the world.  I am an achiever, a powerful person and very happy.


 Adhyo bhijanavan asmi ko nyo sti sadrso maya

          Yaksye dasyami modisya ity ajnana-vimohitah


         Aneka-citta-vibhranta moha-jala-samavrtah

Prasaktah kama-bhogesu patanti nnarake sucau

 I am rich and I have large family.  There is no one like me.  I shall perform yojna, and be a big doner and will have ample celebrations.  In this manner overcome with utter ignorance and nurturing their own dubious beliefs and aspiring always for the material pleasure these demonlike human being eventually get into the hell.


 Atma-sambhavitah stabdha dhana-mana-madanvitah

   Yajante nama-yajnais te dambhenavidhi-purvakam

 These arrogant and proud people consider themselves noble and intoxicated by the wealth and sham respect in the society carry out the yojna, give donations only for name sake without realising the  essence of these noble deeds.


 Ahankaram balam darpam kamam krodham ca samsritah

           Mam atma-para-dehesu pradvisanto bhyasuyakah

 They, full of ego, arrogance, pride, desire and anger always criticise others and desregard  Me who is always present within others as much as their own selves.


 Tan aham dvisatah kruran samsaresu naradhaman

      Ksipamy ajasram asubhan asurisv eva yonisu

 I ensure that these simmers and jealous demouish people are repeatedly sent to this world in ‘Asuri Yoni’ alone.


 Asurim yonim apanna mudha janmani janmani

Mam aprapyaiva kaunnteya tato yanty adhamam gatim

 Arjun these ignorant people do not attain Me but repeatedly take birth inn degenerated families and thereafter secure for themselves still lower places or get into the hell.


Tri-vidham narakasyedam dvaram nasanam atmanah

Kamah krodhas tatha lobhas tasmad etat trayam tyajet

___________ and pursuing carnal and other vicious desires, greed and anger; the three known tickets to hell which undoubtedly kill the soul.  These are undoubtedly responsible for the degeneration of ones soul and must be given up.


 Etair vimuktah kaunteya tamo-dvarais tribhir narah

    Acaraty atmanah sreyas tato yato param gatim

 Arjun, the person who has given up these three ill-attriluited, undoubtedly carries on with his progressive duties.  And through this he achieves better abodes and even attains Me.


Yah sastra-vidhim utsrjya vartate kama-karatah

Na sa siddhim avapnoti na sukham na param gatim

 The person who abandons the laws laid in holy scriptures and follows the dictates of his own heart neither achieve anything significant nor he reaches better abodes nor be is able to secure happiness.


 Tasmac chastram pramanam te karyakarya-vyavasthitau

 Jnatva sastra-vidhanoktam karma kartum iharhasi

 Therefore only holy scripture can guide you as to true duties and don’ts.  Therefore, understanding this clearly and whole heatedly, you must follow the path of your duties as laid down in the holy scriptures.


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