Chapter 15

             Sri bhagavan uvaca

Urdhva-mulam adhah-sakham asvattham prahur avyayam

            Chandamsi yasya parnani yas tam veda sa veda-vit

 The Lord Almighty said, “The person, who understands the universe which is like a holy Peepal tree with the supreme soul as its roots and Brahma rup as its main  hranches and which is known as indestructible and with the vedas as its leaves, that person in fact understands the meaning of the vedas.


Adhas cordhvam prasrtas tasya sakha

     guna-pravrddha visaya-pravalah

    Adhas ca mulany anusantatani

    Karmanubandhinni manusya-loke

 The enormous branches of the universal holy tree coming out of ‘Kapolo’ of the human perceptions and the human experience through the senses watered by the tree guna and manifested in the human beings, deities and the demons are ever expanding and pervade the entire universe.  And the miniscule roots in the form of human ego, affection and the longing and desire to are pervading below and above in the entire universe.


 Na rupam asyeha tathopalabhyate

        nanto na cadir na ca sampratistha

       Asvattham enam suvirudha-mulam

       asanga-sastrenna drdhena chittva

This world in the form of the holy tree is difficult to even imagine by the human mind. Because the form of this tree whether has a beginning nor an end.  Nor the form itself remains fixed or the same.  Therefore one should cat this tree full of pride, affection attachment and desire with total freedom from worldly desires and attachments.



        Tatah padam tat parimargitavyam

        yasmin gata na nivartanti bhuyah

Tam eva cadyam purusam prapadye

        yatah pravrttih prasrta purani

 Thereafter one must try to search wholeheartedly the Lord Almighty who embraces all those who earnestly desire to reach him and these seekers once merged do not come back.  One should have firm faith in Him the Almighty and consider onself to have taken refuge, and should remember Him again and again.



            Nirmana-moha jita-sanga-dosa

            adhyatma-nitya vinivrtta-kamah

dvandvair vimuktah sukha-duhkha-samjnair

           gacchanty amudhah padam avyayam tat

 The person who doesnot hanker  after false dignity and who has acquired the devine  knowledge to shed off the ignorance and is no longer attached with any material worldly objects, who has killed all his desires; such a knowledgeable person alone achieves the supreme the Almighty.


 Na tad bhasayate suryo na sasanko na pavakah

Yad gatva na nivartante tad dhama paramam mama

 The Prime Abode where from no one ever returns to this world is self illuminated and no sun or moon or tire can ever illuminate mine Prime Abode.


 Mamaivamso jiva-loke jiva-bhutah sanatanah

Manah sasthanindriyani prakrti-sthani karsati

 The soul in this human body is in fact is my own faction.  And the same soul is wooed by the mind and the five senses which are part of this nature.


 Sariram yad avapnoti yac capy utkramatisvarah

        Grhitvaitani samyati vayur gandhan ivasayat

 Just as the aire adopts the smell of  a place and carries with it likewise the soul at the time of leaving a body carries with it the mind and the senses into the new body.


 Srotram caksuh sparsanam ca rasanam ghranam eva ca

 Adhisthaya manas cayam visayan upasevate

 The individual soul in man with the association of mind, tongue, skin and other senses perceives the worldly pleasures and pains.


 Utkramantam sthitam vapi bhunjanam va gunanvitam

   Vimudha nanupasyanti pasyanti jnana-caksusah

 Only knowledgeable and the wise realises and perceives this soul in his body consuming the pleasures and pains embodying all the three gunas.  The ignorant cannot have any such experience.


 Yatanto yoginas cainam pasyanty atmany avasthitam

    Yatanto py akrtatmano nainam pasyanty acetasah

 Yogis who make deliberate efforts too are able to perceive the essence of the soul.  But others who have not purified their minds are not able to perceive even after great efforts.


 Yad aditya-gatam tejo jagad bhasayate khilam

Yac candramasi yac cagnau tat tejo viddhi mamakam

 The glory present in the sun which enlightens the entire world and the one present in the moon in fact is nothing but My own Glory.


 Gam avisya ca bhutani dharayamy aham ojasa

Pusnami causadhih sarvah somo bhutva rasatmakah

 I through my devine powers enter the earth, engulf all being and I am responsible for producing all vegetation and the medicines.


     Aham vaisvanaro bhutva praninnam deham asritah

Pranapana-samayuktah pacamy annam catur-vidham

 I am responsible for the digestion of all foods in the body through combination of devine intelligence and the body’s requirement which are classified in four different ways.



       Sarvasya caham hrdi sannivistho

mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca

      Vedais ca sarvair aham eva vedyo

      vedanta-krd veda-vid eva caham

 I am present in the minds of all beings since I am omnipresent.  I am responsible for memory, devine wisdom  and discretion that dispels all doubts.  And with the help of the devine vedas I am worthy of being knowing.  In fact I am the does in the spiritual sense and hold entire knowledge of the vedas.


 Dvav imau purusau loke ksaras caksara eva ca

Ksarah sarvani bhutani kutastho ksara ucyate

 In this world there are two types of human beings.  The bodies of all living beings are mortal or destructible.  But the soul of there living creatures is immortal or beyond destruction.


 Uttamah purusas tv anyah paramatmety udahrtah

      Yo loka-trayam avisya bibharty avyaya isvarah

 However, the supreme and the superior to both these two types is responsible for the maintenance and life of all living beings is the Prime Soul or the Lord Almighty.


 Yasmat ksaram atito ham aksarad api cottamah

        Ato smi loke vede ca prathitah purusottamah

 Because I am beyond the mortal body and also beyond the immortal soul, therefore I am know as the Prime Soul or Purushotaman in the holy scriptures the vedas.


Yo mam evam asammudho janati purusottamam

Sa sarva-vid bhajati mam sarva-bhavena bharata

 Bharat (Arjun)  the wise knowledgeable person who realises in essense that I am the Prime Lord ‘Purushotaman’, he always remembers me as such throughout his life.


 Iti guhyatamam sastram idam uktam mayanagha

Etad buddhva buddhiman syat krta-krtyas ca bharata

Arjun, I have told you in this manner the most secret knowledge.  After acquiring this knowledge the wise becomes emancipated or attains salvation.


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