Chapter 14

Sri bhagavan uvacha

Param bhuyah pravaksyami jnananam jnanam uttamam

              Yaj jnatva munayah sarve param siddhim ito gatah

The Lord Almighty said, “Now I shall explain to you the Prime Wisdom knowledge of which has enabled the sages to attain the prime Siddhi emancipation.


 Idam jnanam upasritya mama sadharmyam agatah

                   Sarge pi nopajayante pralaye na vyathanti cha

Aqulring this wisdom and assirvilating the same, the people who have realised Me are not subjected to the cycle of rebirth.  And they do not get reified in the Dooms Day – ‘Pralaykal’.


 Mama yonir mahad-brahma tasmin garbham dadhamy aham

          Sambhavah sarva-bhutanam tato bhavati bharata

Arjun, my Brahma – form Nature is the mother of all having beings.  And I am the father responsible for their birth.  My union with my nature brings about the birth of all living beings.


  Sarva-yonisu kaunteya murtayah sambhavanti yah

Tasam brahma mahad yonir aham bija-pradah pita

 Arjun, Nature is mother of all the various kinds of living beings and I am responsible for the process of birth as the father.


 Sattvam rajas tama iti gunah prakrti-sambhavah

Nibadhnanti maha-baho dehe dehinam avyayam

 Arjun, Satraguna, Rajoguna and Tamoguna – these three types of attributes of the nature tie up the eternal atman in this mortal body.


 Tatra sattvam nirmalatvat prakasakam anamayam

Sukha-sangena badhnati jnana-sangena chanagha

 Nishpap, among these three gunas, Satvaguna being pure enlightens and is without any defect.  Satvaguna breeds joy and wisdom and is associated with these emotions.


 Rajo ragatmakam viddhi trsna-sanga-samudbhavam

                 Tan nibadhnati kaunteya karma-sangena dehinam

Arjun, Ragroop Rajoguna is brow of desire and attachment. Rajoguna binds the ______ atman.  With actions and the results their of.


 Tamas tv ajnana-jam viddhi mohanam sarva-dehinam

                Pramadalasya-nidrabhis tan nibadhnati bharata

But, Arjun, one which enamors the human being, Tamoguna is born out of ignorance. Tamoguna binds the soul with lathergy and tendency to carryout useless works.


 Sattvam sukhe sanjayati rajah karmani bharata

Jnanam avrtya tu tamah pramade sanjayaty uta

 Arjun Satvaguna beings peace and joy, Rajoguna is responsible for Karma or action.  And Tamoguna covers or distorts wisdom and engages the mind in futile tasks.


 Rajas tamas chabhibhuya sattvam bhavati bharata

Rajah sattvam tamas chaiva tamah sattvam rajas tatha

Arjun Satvrguna spreads while curbing Rajoguna and Tamoguna; Rajoguna grows by suppressing Satvaguna and Tamoguna and likewise Tamoguna spreads by suppressing Rajoguna and satraguna. Grows spreads expands restram control curb suppress confive.


 Sarva-dvaresu dehe smin prakasa upajayate

Jnanam yada tada vidyad vivrddham sattvam iti uta

 At a fine when in this body and the mind understanding, consciousness and reasoning develops.  One must opine that these are the indications of growth of satvaguna.


 Lobhah pravrttir arambhah karmanam asamah sprha

                Rajasy etani jayante vivrddhe bharatarsabha

And Arjuna growth of Rajoguna is indicated by greed, selfish thoughts, taking actions with personal ends in view.  Rajoguna also promotes the growth of desires and hankering after the loorldly pleasures.


 Aprakaso pravrttis cha pramado moha eva cha

                      Tamasy etani jayante vivrddhe kuru-nandana

Arjuna, when Tamoguna spreads one finds growth of darkness in senses and the mind, lock of desire to do duty and procrastination.  Useless efforts and lethargy and sleep debasing fadors in crease and develop.


 Yada sattve pravrddhe tu pralayam yati deha-bhrt

                    Tadottama-vidam lokan amalan pratipadyate

If the person dies when Satvaguna is on the rise, be achieve superior abodes where purity and goodness ________.  These are places better of the world.  Or he attains better worlds.


 Rajasi pralayam gatva karma-sangisu jayate

                        Tatha pralinas tamasi mudha-yonisu jayate

And it the person breathes his last when Rajoguna is prevailing, he takes birth among the people who are more attached to action like this human world.  But if he dies when the Tamoguna is on the rise, the person is condemned to lowly and ignorant life of worms animals etc.


 Karmanah sukrtasyahuh sattvikam nirmalam phalam

Rajasas tu phalam duhkham ajnanam tamasah phalam

 The result of good deeds of a man is Satvikka or Joy, wisdom and non attachment.  Result of Rajas action is sorrow and that of Tamas action ignorance.


 Sattvat sanjayate jnanam rajaso lobha eva cha

Pramada-mohau tamaso bhavato jnanam eva cha

 Sattava-guna breeds wisdom, Rajoguna breads undoubtedly greed and Tamoguna does futile action or lack of action and ignorance.


 Urdhvam gacchanti sattva-stha madhye tisthanti rajasah

              Jaghanya-guna-vrtti-stha adho gacchanti tamasah

The persons who remain in the fold of Sattavaguna attain better world like heaven, those remaining in Rajasguna remain in the hunan world and those practising lethargy excessive sleep and futile actions representing Tamoguna are condemned to lowly life of worms, animals etc. and reach the Hell.


 Nanyam gunebhyah kartaram yada drastanupasyati

Gunebhyas cha param vetti mad-bhavam so dhigacchati

 The moment the human being does not recogniser the does of action other than the three gunas, and realises lord the almighty beyond the bonds of these gunas, he, infact, achieves my status.


 Gunan etan atitya trin dehi deha-samudbhavan

Janma-mrtyu-jara-duhkhair vimukto mrtam asnute

Such a person transcends the effects of these gunas and becomes free from the perils of birth, death and old age etc. and attains salvation.


  Arjuna uvacha

                  Kair lingais trin gunan etan atito bhavati prabho

Kim acharah katham chaitams trin gunan ativartate

 Arjun said, “How does a man transcends and rises above the effects of these three gunas? And what are the qualities of his actions?


 Udasinavad asino gunair yo na vichalyate

Guna vartantta ity evam yo vatisthati nengate

 The Lord Almighty said, Arjun the person who ______ grudge or desire the natural results of the gunas i.e. knowledge of the Sattavaguna, action that of Rajoguna and in action that of Tamoguna, and considering himself only as a witness is not disturbed by these gunas and realises the normal nature of interaction of these gunas that result in any kind of action and remain meditative and devoted to the Lord Almighty is never bewildered.


 Sama-duhkha-sukhah svasthah sama-lostasma-kanchanah

            Tulya-priyapriyo dhiras tulya-nindatma-samstutih


            Manapamanayos tulyas tulyo mittrari-paksayoh

            Sarvarambha-parityagi gunatitah sa ucyate

The person who is constantly fixed in Atmabhan and treats joy and sorrow alike and the dust the stone or even gold does not make any difference and for whom the loved or the hated are the same and remains steadfast whether he is criticised or praised.  The person who remains steadfast in respect or in sult and reacts uniformly to the friend or the foe and has no ego of his being the does of any action is considered ‘Gunatitah’.


  Mam cha yo vyabhicharena bhakti-yogena sevate

                  Sa gunan samatityaitan brahma-bhuyaya kalpate


                  Brahmano hi pratisthaham amrtasyavyayasya cha

Sasvatasya cha dharmasya sukhasyaikantikasya cha

 And the person who remembers Me with the understanding that the Lord Almighty alone is the be all and end all of everything and therefore worthy of the absolute devotion.  Because I am the abode of that eternal Almighty and the pure nectar and the daily duty and the ultimate happiness that results from the even mindedness.


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